The Local-Global Nexus

it seems like every body is aware of the downtown eastside Vancouver BC, but at the same time no one actually cares about the homeless problem more than the crimes they do. Seems like the governments closed their eyes on them, and most off the population ignore and disgrace homeless people. by doing bad practices to them such as, Labeling, and Social Exclusions. which leads us to ask our selves simple questions such as; what happened to humanity, and equal rights?

now most of the homeless people are Aboriginals and drug addict or people with mental health issues. Now lets look at Sociological Imagination, we found that Aboriginals face all types of social exclusions from the begging of Canadian history; It all started from residential schools, and had such a strong impact on them. Knowing what happened was a crime toward them nothing happened to compensate them. As a result a huge population of homeless youth and all type of homelessness are from Aboriginals.

The Canadian government Approach of locking people up is not affective and it has a negative impact on all of us. The data shows that its not working matter of fact its worst, fore example people with no drugs problems become drug addict in jail coming out after serving their sentence causing all kind of problems.

I don’t have the answers why its always Ideology over empirical data and evidence?

however, I have this video to share about how reluctant the system to help Aboriginals.


The Race Game by Thandeka

The game was something new to me because I never knew I could test people reactions in such a unique way. For my own pleasure I usually study the people around me without noticing me. For example, I see their social media post, read there comments, and try to understand them by it. In addition to the normal conversation that we have regularly. That way I can predict there moves and understand there feelings and more.

It was hard for me to recorded any behaviours for the game because, a lot of people just ignored what I say about the colours or they are not really listening to what I saw. I used the colour black and white whit my older sister, and I did not notice any reaction from her. Which made me think does she listen to what I have to say ?

I used the colour black or white with a close friend and he stopped me and said” why are you using colours all of a sudden especially black and white?” I said did it make you feel uncomfortable he said no. However he gave a weird look and said don’t discriminate between people.

I said I was not being racists, its just an assignment. He laughed and said you scared me.

I have noticed the there are three kind of people, one who would listen and interact with you in a conversation, and one will not listen to what are you saying but gives the impression that he is. finally, ones who would answer you but will never ask you why did you use those colours, instead they will assume their own conclusions about me.

Chimamanda Adichie: The danger of a single story

Coming from Saudi Arabia the world most closed and conservative country, where women and men can not talk to each other unless they are blood related. I had the same idea of her about the outside world. Which was knowing about foreign western countries and judging them from what I read or see on the TV  or internet.

luckily, I got the chance to see the world in England, US, and Canada  by visiting these countries. I was amazed how narrow and closed minded and far form the full picture in my mind. the picture was bunch of naked women and guys hitting on them and its so easy to have sexual relationships with a huge alcoholic environment evolved in everything. although the drinking part was partially true, but it was still far from what I thought about the reality.

After seeing people working and studying at the same time fighting to get a better life standards, driven by gaols and motivation; while women are well dressed and covered most of the times, had me think what to believe and what not to believe so easily.

matter of fact I stopped watching T.V and shows and reading worthless news papers or watching news on television. The reason behind my choice was what grantee I have that is true?

Racial profilinig

In one of the classes we discussed the issue of racial profiling in small groups. we shared Ideas and thoughts about the issue, and we found that a hug misconception that existed in our minds. For example a white girl in my group said ” black people are better at playing basketball”. She really believed that until I told her I’m Black and I’m very bad at basketball. She was shocked because that was here believes just got destroyed by the fact I’m black and I cant play basketball well. An other example was all Asian are short. I always thought that until I saw Yao Mings, the Chinese basket ball player that can dunk without jumping because of his height.

Moreover, I face a lot of incidents day to day when people walking late at night and when they see me they look scared and try to avoid eye contact; some even stop laughing have a serious face. I don’t blame them because the movies and the shows, show black people as either gang related or some crime so people tend to be scared from black people specially at late nights time.

Airstrikes, Beheadings, Ebola,and Our Common [In]Humanity

It’s really sad to see countries helping each other for the world safety, while other countries initiate wars on other countries just for economic resources. Dr. Charles Quist-Adade as always shows the hidden truth behind the fact and decodes excuses for human behaviours to get to the real reason behind what is happening in the world. Furthermore, I agree with Dr.Charles Quist-Adade about the fact this war is not for peace, it’s more about oil and strategic power geographic location that the area has and how the US and other participating countries would benefit from it if they can control it.
It started with supporting rebellions against Bashar Alasad, and now those same rebellions are ISIS or ISIL now are called terrorist and need to be dealt with.
Have anyone noticed gas prices dropped suddenly recently, or anybody knows why/how is that happening? The prices dropped because ISIS is selling oil so cheap almost free which caused the price to drop down in the rest of the world. This is why countries are participating in the war while others are helping humanity by fighting Ebola from spreading. Dr. Charles Quist-Adade said its Humanity VS Inhumanity, Couldn’t have said it better.

Thanksgiving: Multiple perspctives

I wasn’t surprised at all because I knew about the sad story before; however, it was really good to know more details about the story of the New World. What Christopher Columbus did is repeating history as I’m sure you all have heard the quote “history repeats itself”. In case you are wondering why Native people In Canada have a different better health care system than the one you have, you should know the answer by now.  I still have a question in my mind; although, we live in the equal right and humanity century of revolutionary thinking, does natives has equal rights as other Canadians?

I’m sure you are wondering why is it a holiday as me by now?!

It’s obvious to me that whoever wins the war get to right the books, and its clearly the people who control the power will never  give it away or share it. Rule number one: in order to control people you need to their knowledge.  Most of us or 90% don’t know the truth. Do you think it’s a coincidence?

Thank you for reading and hope you enjoyed it.

Sexual and Gender Relations

Sexual objectification is widely common between men; the video opened my eyes and recalled a lot of events where this have actually happened and probably will happen again. Guys usually see girls like sex objects in everywhere, places like, malls, bars, nightclubs, streets, and even more. I have noticed that my friends do that all the time and usually they judge by the outfit. Most men don’t realize that it is actually hard to hide some part of the body such as big chest and big hips. Instead, they think it’s an invitation to make some kind of excuse to hit on her and simply say she is asking for it!

Sexual objectification was one of the reasons I became a feminist by heart. I’m not a fan of make up for example, or spending too much time on hair and nails just to look like the model on the cover magazine. In contrast, I’m more interested in curvy totally opposite of the girls image on magazines

Second, video I watched is that women take too much time to get ready to leave the house; as  Tracey Spicer said ”Its bullshit”. In my opinion women should not be judge from there outside shell instead they should be valuable for their contribution to this world. Now why women like putting make up while the beauty will not last? Who said women look ugly without make up?

Indeed, all the women should be happy about their looks whether they are chubby, curvy skinny, and fit because beauty is in the eyes of its beholders. No matter what you look like someone will always find you beautiful smart and desirable.